List of All Tickers for Historical Years

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  1. ppy93


    When screening stocks, I would like to include the delisted stocks in the basket.
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  2. aqtrader


    This is exactly everyone who does back-testing for a basket of stocks should do. Otherwise, if you only select today's "good" stocks, you actually factor in some future information, that is, peeking into the future, or introducing look-ahead bias in to your back-testing. This will cause an illusion that a strategy is terrific in back testing, but more than often lose money when use in real trading.
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  3. userque


    A.k.a survivorship bias.
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  4. SunTrader


    When screening stocks you like to include stocks .......... you can no longer trade. o_O

    Ok, have at it.
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  5. junkone


    I am interested. Pl let me know how i can get it
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