List of best regulated brokers

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  1. Elly9


    Well, trading on MT5 won't be very difficult if you got your hands on the MT4 platform. Yes, I agree that MT5 is an advanced version with more features, but it will make your trading journey easier. So don't be concerned, just go for it if you plan to switch ever.
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  2. Cholas


    You can check out forexchief, they are an ECN broker with very good trading conditions with very good spreads from 0 pips, no dealers and no requotes making it very ideal for traders. They have done so well for me and I will recommend them to anyone.
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  3. As per my experience with brokers in the past, I suggest trading with CMC and FP Markets since they are regulated by ASIC and CYSEC.

    I mainly trade with FP Markets because they also have an offshore licence with St.Vincent that offers a higher leverage of 500:1.
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  4. Sounds good, what is their minimum deposit?
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  5. quest324


    Why is it so important to trade with a regulated broker?
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  6. regulated brokers always make sure security of funds with a wide range of trading technologies . is it true ?
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  7. tony.m



    For just a few dollars, criminals are selling credentials for customers of E*Trade, Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, Robinhood and others, according to New York-based security firm Intsights.
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  8. thursday


    To me, regulation is important - those regulatory bodies will protect you from unwanted problems, for example, if a broker goes south, then those authorities will protect you by compensating the losses.
    When you are using a regulated broker, you can rest assured feeling safe knowing that your funds are being used in the best possible ways.
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  9. Regulation is arguably the first thing that most traders would check while selecting a broker. I too checked regulations of AAAFx and ICMarkets before anything else. Luckily, their trading conditions also turned out to be good.
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  10. Unregulated brokers are definitely scam brokers so you just gonna loose all your money trading with them, even if you make a profit they won't like you withdraw the money.
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