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  1. hey guys, I was testing this broker called LMFX, small micro and things are looking good, any feedback or would be really nice before i push through. thanks
  2. They literally bury their corporate details. I finally found their country of incorporation in their account opening PDF:

    No address, no phone number, no license/regulation. IMHO, sending money to such an outfit is effectively sending it down a black hole, you have zero recourse. Caveat emptor...
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  3. the address and number is at the a contact us section.. its a risk im taking, but im trading extra cash anyway. all brokers start as newbies. lets see how it goes its too early anyway.
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    Does this broker accept U.S trader?
  5. yeah i guess they do, they accept US traders, and surprisingly the results of my trading are consistent, and good..
  6. summer was really busy this year, hopefully will be back to more trading by june. happy trading everyone.
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    They do accept traders from US as i have noticed some good reviews of US traders about this broker.
  8. yes i think this broker has no exceptions for US canada or japan traders and thats a good news really, only 1 of 5 eu brokers that allow us trading.
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    Not sure why U.S trader is restricted in most EU brokers, I think it's for money protection.
  10. its more of a money thingy, to contain investments with in the US, and for taxes to be paid fully in the US, thats kinda unfair, more a capitalism going on.
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