Long Natural Gas

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  1. Swing/position trade
    Stop 1.9
    Target depends on price action
    5% TC risk

    Screenshot 2023-05-10 at 11.08.32.png
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  2. heispark


    Roll over cost will kill you........ There's no efficient long term investment vehicle in commodity markets.
  3. maxinger


    If I were to do a swing trade, I would wait for

    upload_2023-5-10_19-27-43.jpeg [​IMG]

    freezing winter,
    Russia to turn off NG supply to Europe,
    some disaster that affects NG production.

    Right now, the supply-demand is far too stable.
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  4. via ETF
  5. I try not to chase price, price has deviated greatly from the mean, pricing in next winter could start now, has been known in past.
  6. heispark


    Do you know ETF has a time decay? ETF is actually for short term trading like day trading.
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  7. easymon1


    Which ETF?
  8. Tokenz


  9. heispark


    Both UGAZ and DGAZ were delisted.
  10. KCalhoun


    I was trying BOIL but it's not going up
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