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    ON trigger words. Sorry.

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  2. Let me get this right... you have to look at all the different trading "gurus" out there, pick one that you "instinctly feel" is "special", and then keep losing money for 14 years to figure out if you guessed right or not?

    Yeah. That sounds like great advice that will help any new trader.

    If you set out to knock down brick walls with your forehead and kept working at it for 14 years, you'd probably have ended up with a pretty good demolition business (or a circus act) - with, most likely, a much better overall return than your trading. Also: if you started out based on the advice of some insane head-banger, your "success" won't have been due to him.
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    I tried to tell padu to try not to give any trading advice to anyone, because he was bad at trading, and bad at giving advice. He proceeded to tell me he was not giving advice. He then went on to spew that after reading all the trading books in the world, nobody else should read books, because HE could not understand them. BWS, you are wasting .02 KCals with every letter you type on your keyboard to that lad.
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  4. Ah, you've caught on to my weight loss strategy! Well done.

    I don't usually read what padu writes - it didn't take more than a post or two way back when to figure out what his opinions are worth - but I wanted to denote his premise so that newbies don't confuse it with the actual good advice in this thread. I'm certainly not expecting him to change.
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    you have to persist with your trading.

    i did not hear you giving any great ideas

    it is easy to criticize. all traders lose money for a least 10 years...except you i suppose
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    Agree, i was going to post similar in the fact that you shouldnt have explosive gains and massive losses. That screams no risk management. Its not duplicatable and not measurable which trading has to be
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  7. Start from the scratch
    Risk management
    Trade Plan

    do a inadept study on this whilst testing it live, work on these and you'll see the difference
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  8. 1) Persisting when you're an obvious loser, for years - which you are - is a serious mental/emotional defect that requires professional help. The OP here is much wiser than you are, because he's asking for help in order to avoid exactly that problem - which is what normal people do. Your addiction is anything but normal.

    2) There are no "great ideas" to be given here. MrMuppet and longandshort already provided all the sensible warnings and direction that are needed before you decided to stick your generic, senseless, irrelevant nonsense in, and there's not much to add to what they wrote.

    3) As it happens, I've made money from the very beginning - and I've only had one losing month in the entire time since then. But the fact that you can repeat insane statements like "all traders lose money for a least 10 years" is just a symptom of your disease.
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    fuck off you bastart

    so BROOKS NEEDED PRO HELP IS IT...he lost for ten years
    what the fuck are you you atshole?

    a donkey or ass
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    so did i

    photoshopped all my losses....

    i only lied.

    like you.
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