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    Exceptions are always there...however for someone who seem to know programming and has already the flair for dabbling in the market may land up with a job which will help him to learn about trading much faster...
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    I thought the same thing too. But my experience was that about the same percentage of sales traders and flow traders made it to the next level.

    Being keen with programming and a flair for dabbling in the markets is not a skill/personality exclusive to guys on the trading desk at a junior level.
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    Agree with your points....

    However, to be successful in sales trading you need other skillsets as well...which may not be related to trading...
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    that only matters if you want to make a career as a salestrader. Once you are on the rocket ship, it’s surprisingly easy to switch seats.
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    Yeah...one can wander around many paths...

    To get to the centre of things best bet may be to join a prop shop, market maker or a hedge fund..
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  6. Nah, bruh; I've just looked upthread, and I'm still chuckling at him throwing a shit fit. TBH, when a whacko like him claims to be a successful trader, I don't really care - but when they start messing with newbies' heads, I like to amuse myself at their expense.

    Once they demonstrate all that emotional stability and self-confidence - you know, just what you'd expect from a professional trader - I'm done; don't need to stir the pot any more. In this case, it's paid off handsomely. :)
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  7. I am quite confused on this, can you define cashflow or give more examples maybe more basic ones. I have googled the definition but am not sure if the definition is correct.

    Are there any books to give me ideas of what other market participants do? Things about replicating cashflows just to understand more about what others do in-depth? I appreciate the help.

    Thanks, I know some programming so I will most likely start with python and try to develop something to identify patterns. Even if they do not work and make a loss in the long run I will have a better understanding of what works and what doesn't.

    Thanks I now understand why my trading could be called a coin flip. I appreciate it. Do you have any resources you think will be helpful?

    I won't and I appreciate the words.
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    The first step is to look inside yourself: what do you have that others don't? What sector do you understand? Who do you have in your life that can make you smarter than most in some market? Is there something you're interested in? Dig deep.

    Focus on that little edge, and nurture it into an advantage.

    That will raise your trade win percentage to 4/7 or 3/5.
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    @rarefarefroghorn, I think, at this point, it doesn't hurt for you to try what The Wall Street Now can offer if you want to trade equity. $1k is more than enough to start and test the waters. All you need is discipline and patience to follow the trading signals. Please let me know if you need more info.
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