Looking for Forex Partner who can trade with company's money & split the profit between us.

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  1. Hello. I am Himanshu from India. I am looking for a forex partner who can trade and split the profit between us.

    I am looking for a partner who will be able to trade forex with
    https://www.topstep.com/ or else who can raise money from the broker.

    There are many brokers like https://www.topstep.com/ who provide their own capital if we know how to make money.

    Some of the brokers and companies who provide their capital to trade

    - https://profx.capital/

    - https://trydaytrading.com
    - https://tradecompanymoney.com/cljl1/
    - https://maverickfx.com/

    I am ready to negotiate between us because I don't know how to trade forex.
    First, we have to prove that we can make money with them.

    You may suggest an alternative to this. I need a partner who can make or split the money between us.
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  2. Onra


    * You don't know how to trade...
    * The money is coming from the propfirm...

    Why would anyone share profits with you? :rolleyes:
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  3. Girija


    So you need a partner to do the work and you split 50% of gains. I admire the courage in your ask
  4. thanks.. Yes split the profit for 50/50 or 60/40 .. (40 for me)
  5. Girija


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  6. DaveV


    The first thing you need to do is to change your username. Since you are from India, you may not realize that in most of the Western world, "666" is the sign of the Devil.
  7. Girija


    Couldn't help but 666 is also a holy numeral for a significantly larger section of human population. 666 and green is even more holy. Sincere apologies for morphing this thread.
  8. Turveyd


    Atleast your honest, in admitting you can't trade, can't really see anyone giving you 50% of the profit or 40% or 1% of the profits for well I guess, nothing ??

    If your in India, pretty sure 1% of a good traders profits you could live like a king.
  9. fan27


    So the obvious question that the other posts are alluding to is WTF do you bring to this venture?
  10. Turveyd


    He found Topstep obviously, everyone who uses Topstep and makes money has to pay him 40% comision from here on.
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