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  1. I'm not looking for regulated stuffs which aint work for me and I'm aware of the risk of scammers in off, but I've been looking for a good and reliable brokers, came across these few brokers which seems reliable here but need your suggestions which one is good to open with..
    • coinexx
    • fx choice
    • turnkey forex
    • traders way
    • lmfx
    or is there any other broker which is better than these?
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    I jumped across some brokers over the last year and end it up liking ospreyfx way better than any other one! Great service and fantastic support!
  4. Why?
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  5. I can vouch for turnkey forex from the list, as I have been trading with them myself. Can’t be really sure about others. Services are good so are the conditions, though up till 2018 they were accepting bank wire transfers, but since then, cryptos is the only way. if you are comfortable with that, then I think they are the best choice out of the lot.
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    Try to work with offshore branches of Hotforex or Tickmill, good trade-off between leverage and reputation that is too expensive for them to spoil. It makes them a bit more trusted than others I think
  7. You can consider Turnkeyforex out of that list. Have tested them for about 7 months now and they have remained quite consistent in terms of their services.
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    I think we have to stay away from unknown brokers, because they have less incentive to behave well and their incentive to be unfair is higher. It's a kind of catch-22 situation but I noticed that reliable very well-known brokers seem highly their reputation.
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    I have heard a lot about coinexx on babypips as well but never tried them; I think they are quite popular among offshore brokers.

    Is anyone here using them?
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    Babypips is forum for education, coinexx is scam, tested.
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