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  1. I'm from Italy and i trade using FP Markets, they do have a offshore license that they have started onboarding clients to. However their group also has ASIC and CYSEC (EU) licenses, so they adhere to strict capital requirements.

    Based on my experience they definitely are reliable, I have a Raw account with them and the spreads are pretty tight though the day, withdrawals have been pretty quick as well.
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  2. been hearing a lot lately about this coinexx and the feed seems to get worst. hope traders are safe and do their research before befor gunning for heavy marketing.
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  3. Chyu


    In terms of work, I liked the broker ExpertOption most of all. At least, it was he who seemed to me the most reliable, and most importantly - profitable in terms of work.
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  4. yordan


    Reliable means a broker who provides good trading conditions and gives you no problems with your money. Plus a broker that has been doing that for a long time. Tenkofx is often underrated; been serving good trading for years. On of the brokers that offer very low spreads and commission.
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  5. Some people find it hard to trust any broker who is offshore but after doing a lot of research I have found that there are some highly appreciated and reliable brokers who are operating their functions offshore. I believe boundaries don’t matter when you are efficient enough to excel in the field.
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  6. bulls95


    Well, I have been trading with some off shore forex brokers like turnkey forex, LMFX and I can say they are good, and pretty much reliable, since I have been using them for almost a year. You can check from here to see the other options, but I think I will stick with these two for now.
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  7. Based on my trading experience, here are my recommended offshore brokers:
    • Coinexx
    • Turnkeyforex
    • LMFX

    Hopefully, it helps other people looking for same info and save them from scammers.Also,Clint at babypips keeps the following thread updated:


    Always a good idea to check the link for updated reviews.
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  8. Diego23


    Is it better to use an offshore broker or a broker that is dedicated in your country ?
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  9. @Diego23: It depends upon your needs. There are traders who doubt offshore brokers, but in my personal opinion I really had a good and profitable time working with them. Again, my requirements could be different from your needs. I'm personally using LMFX, Coinexx and Fxbrew.
    Despite being offshore, I never have to face any availability issue with these brokers; Even the withdrawal process was so quick.
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  10. banzok


    Yes, there are brokers with whom it is quite pleasant to work. In the message above, I already indicated which broker I am working with. Under the terms of work, I also have no questions for him.
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