Looking to trade ES/CL data for M6E (Ninja compatible)

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  1. Hi there,

    I have 9 years of Ninja data for the ES & CL continous contracts, which I paid good money for.

    I require a couple of years (or more) of M6E continous contracts. I forgot to download these contracts, when I had the feed! (yeah stupid me)

    Please PM me if you can help.
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  2. So if I cant afford to buy M6E data, I can simply backtest using the 6E? @DarthSidious
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    Are you aware of the fact that the volume of M6E is ridiculously low?
  4. yeah but people can still get filled? ( I know there is slippage, and I am not a scalper) I trade the trend for a couple mins
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    I don't know if you get filled at the price you expect.

    I'm just telling you the facts.

    Some measures on 1 minute bars of M6E since 2009:

    24% of time there is a volume of just 1 contract.
    77% of time the volume is lower or equal to just 10 contracts.
    97% of time the volume is lower or equal to 50 contracts.

    Also there are 40% less trade prices compared to the EUROFX mini future.

    46% of time the bar high is equal to bar low.
  6. How did you arrive at these statistics?
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    Using historical data and exploring it via formulas.
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    Actually what was meant above was historical 1-min bars.
  9. What is the average slippage on the M6E??
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