Looking to trade professionally, directly with the banks

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  1. Hello,

    Does someone know how to avoid trading with retail forex brokers and trade directly with banks. I am familiar with Interactive Brokers and Hotspot, but is there a large, reliable company where one can trade as a professional, not as a retail customer?
  2. Can I trade on Currenex for instance?
  3. Basically, I would like to know if there is anyone here trading with at least a million dollar account...where does one trade when one has so much money? I'd bee scared to put that into some bucket shop retail operation...
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    don't think IB is a bucket shop retail operation
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  6. Yes, you can trade on CurrenEx. PFG Best, ODLS, Capital,
    Man, Fimat... all offer CurrenEx access.

    Other liquid quasi-ECN's include LavaFX and HotspotFXI.
    The above named brokers can give you access to these

    If you want access to EBS Prime try RBS, UBS, or ABN/Amro.

    Smaller broker-owned ECN's giving access to interbank
    liquidity include EFX/MB, CoesFX, and IB's IDealPro. The
    first two of these have sufficient liquidity for a $1 million
    account size.

    EFX/MB just placed first in Barron's survey of online brokers.
  7. Saxobank isn't a bank. Denmark is about the only
    country in the world that would allow this FX dealer
    (aka bucketshop) to use the work "bank" in their

    Before you even think of trading with Saxo, use
    this forums search facility to do a little research
    on them.
  8. UBS offers the lowest account size for quasi direct interbank access.

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  10. Whatever you do just stay away from saxo.

    By the way does anyone here knows anything about Synthesis Bank in Switzerland. They use the same platform as saxo and customer services even sound the same as saxo lol.

    Probably saxo but in Switzerland with a different name..... another b.shop......
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