Lost 7 trades in a row this week, how often will this happen again?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by metatrader54, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. padutrader


    who has told you I blow accounts?
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  2. DevBru


    Your 10283738292 journals on this site for one.
    Try to deny it, most active forum members know otherwise.

    Have a nice day.
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  3. DevBru


    You did !
    I can go trough your post and find 100 posts of you contradicting yourself (again) ...

    You lie so much you forget what you are lying about.
    #43     Oct 13, 2019
  4. padutrader


    so I have been blowing accounts for 30 years?
    do you know how ridiculous that sounds
    #44     Oct 13, 2019
  5. Overnight


    What the hell is it with this "win-rate thing"?

    Why is everyone so hung up on it?

    You can have 100 trades. 99 of them are profitable for 1 dollar each. You make 99 bux.

    Trade number 100 is a loss for 50 bux.

    Your win rate is 99%. But your profit:loss ratio over time SUX!

    Trade #101 is for another 50 bux loss. So you have 102 trades, for a BE.

    SO! 102 trades. Win ratio is still 99%. But you are at break even.

    So I ask, WTF does win ratio have to do with anything?
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  6. padutrader


    so what does that prove.
    that you are a genius
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  7. DevBru


    Sure dude ... maybe check your old posts to remember yourself what to say.

    Back on topic now.
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  8. DevBru


    No, that you are a notorious liar.

    Now for real, back on topic.
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  9. padutrader


    that is exactly what I am saying....you need profit factor and drawdown.
    I had 55% win rate,a pf 1.87 and a return of 131% so there are other things too
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  10. padutrader


    and you are not?
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