Lost 7 trades in a row this week, how often will this happen again?

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  1. padutrader


    and you say I lie

    so why do you believe me when I say I blow accounts?

    that too is a lie according to you:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

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  2. Overnight


    Mmmm....I think padu and I have had an issue in chatting here and there over time, but I cannot believe that what you claim is true?

    "Blowing an account every few weeks"? That is a bold claim.

    As I would do for anyone who makes the claim that they are so profitable in their trading without statements, then I would ask you, DevBRA, to provide proof that padu has been blowing accounts every few weeks. That is a gnarly claim.
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  3. DevBru


    Oh boy, there is a load of shit to post. I am not planning on going through his actual posts from the past few months to find all this journal posts back since it will take ages to go through all the spam. He has created 13 journals since he registered on this forum, 6 or so in the last 6 months, most of them failed because of blow ups, which he admits to.

    What i can do for you by doing a quick search is showing that he is admitting it himself and keeps throwing all kind of numbers around. One day he has been trading for 12 years and lost $135K, the next day he has been trading for 30 years and has lost $30K, the very next day he is gets 20 years younger because yesterday he was 62 and now he is in his 40s, so who knows ...




    Now that is enough time wasted for today, F1 is about to start.
    Oh, here is the link to his current account, i am sure it will be gone within a few weeks as well.


    By the way, i might be harsh on Padu, i do respect the fact that he keeps trying and wants to be a successful trader. However it has been said before, he will never be successful as long as he keeps lying like this, to both himself and everyone else. His mindset is totally wrong, on the edge of borderline.
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  4. DevBru


    Very late additional comment, i know Padu is going to come up with some kind of excuse like it being typos of some kind, i have seen it before ...

    I am no longer go to respond to this nonsense in this thread since i do not want to hijack Metatrader54s thread.
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  5. Heydrrich


    131% growth over 374 trades is hard to achieve if you have no idea of what you are doing.
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  6. DevBru


    Long live scaling in with martingale.

    Unfortunately it will fail 100% guaranteed, sooner or later.

    Again, back on topic please ...
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  7. SunTrader


    I should have highlighted this line of yours previously:

    "how is we seldom ever think much of profitable trades in a row but we get all out of favor for losing?"

    when I said take care of losers, winners take care of themselves.

    Most don't so unless you are not including yourself in " .... we seldom ...." there are crossed wires there.
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  8. DevBru


    Even faster than i anticipated.
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  9. Snuskpelle


    Thanks for taking the time. I realized that he is sometimes honest but sometimes can't keep things straight. More to the point, he's at times boldly claiming certain methods are working for him which contradicts what he already posted at other times (where he accurately describes them blowing up). It would be fine for comedic purposes except he sometimes advises newcomers on the forum.
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  10. Overnight


    Thanks for taking the time to do it. I did not realize there were such inconsistencies.
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