Low ECN Commission Brokers EU?

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  1. abirex


    I am looking for more comparison for ECN commissions. I am now trading with Yadix Broker who I think are the lowest ECN commission broker.
    I heard that some brokers are offered ECN commission for $4 or $5, is it true and can they be true DMA broker with such low ECN commissions?

    Please share your feedback

    Thank you
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  3. Saxio


    i have heard that FX leveraged is trading is not available for Europeans at IB for the moment due to the brexit saga…
  4. ZBZB


    It is the leveraged customers who lose money. The unleveraged make money.
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  5. Saxio


    Ok, your unleveraged performance is 20% with a drawdown of 10% , now we apply some leverage and then you make 30% with a DD of 15% ….:banghead::D
  6. Saxio


    You risk 1% of your capital on a trade with no leverage

    I risk also 1% of my capital on trade with 5:1 Leverage

    guess what ?
    We both lose 1 % if the trade hits our stoploss …:rolleyes:
  7. WiktorK


    Yup, but you will lose much more often:caution:
  8. Saxio


    you can’t tell if you don’t know the statistics of the system traded ..
  9. Adler


    I trade from Germany using FP Markets. I recommend them as a good EU broker since they offer some of the lowest commission costs and have stable spreads with good execution speed.
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