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  1. i have been trading with LQDFX from last couple of months. deposit and withdrawal never takes too much time, no hidden fees i found. customer services is very active.

    i opened a micro account on there .
    right now thinking to invest a larage amount .

    there is anyone who has a live experinece on there with large capital ?
    thank you in adnace
  2. ZBZB


    Where are they registered? Can you take money out of the account? Alternative try www.interactivebrokers.com they are regulated with sec and Cftc and you can take money out of the account.
  3. maxinger


    right. go for a proven broker like IB.
    It has been around for decades.

    I never heard of LQDFX.

    LQDFX can't even be pronounced.
  4. Overnight


    I am guessing it means "LiQuiD FX".
  5. fargone