Marijuana legalization just failed in Ohio

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Sotnis, Nov 4, 2015.

  1. Sotnis


    Ohio voters rejected a ballot proposal on Tuesday that would have legalized marijuana for recreational and medical use. The measure was defeated by nearly 2 to 1, according to current projections.

    I know TONS of people who voted against it simply because of monopolies. If we get the non-monopoly version next year, i think it has a good chance of passing. Depending on the polls, 45%-55% of Ohioans support legalization.

    Anyway, trying to pass marijuana legalisation in a year without a significant election was a horrible idea politically anyway. Support for it is most concentrated amongst the young, who barely ever show up for midterms, let alone the odd years.

    The only strategic reason to try to pass it in 2015 is to prevent it being on the ballot in 2016, where it will almost certainly help the Democrat running (by inspiring higher youth turnout).

    Still, I see no negative side of legalizing marijuana.
  2. Pekelo


    This monopoly argument is silly at best, incredibly stupid at most:

    1. A monopoly is still better than outright illegality.
    2. State liqour and tobacco are pretty much monopolies, nobody gives a shit.
    3. Let's get monopolies first, than we can change that later.
    4. 10 big growers is hardly a cartel. Most industries have much fewer competitors...
  3. In Colorado it seems to work. Why couldn't they just copy that expericence?
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    Some greedy assholes thought they could hussle the Ohio population into giving them exclusive growing rights. The voters smartly told them to fuck off. I disagree with the argument that a monopoly is better than nothing. Do it right or don't do it at all. Fuck all autocrats!
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    I don't know why anyone would buy the stuff if they could just grow it at home. If I recall correctly the law would have allowed 4 flowering plants. A mediocre grower would yeild a minimum 4 ounces of bud per plant in a typical 9 week flowering period. If they got good at it 6 ounces or better would be realistic. There would be no need to buy the stuff.
  6. Oh Hell YES. Works GREAT!

    Half of our young people go around all day long stoned out of their minds... and then decide to drive a car.

    Marijuana and alcohol are both "intoxicants". Difficult to endorse their abuse to excess, regardless.
  7. Pekelo


    Tell it to the arresting officer and send me a postcard from jail...
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