Mark Minervini (Meltdown)

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    Analysis of his returns:

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  2. I don't see the melt down, also who cares what a company does.
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    That is not Mark Minervini. I know he was called Mark but, doesn't look like him, compared to his picture on his book which I have. Have asked him on Twitter when I still was on it and he did answer some of my questions. This guy was totally evasive. Is this the same guy? Compare this guy's nose on the video with the picture on Mark Minervini's book. Totally, different. Did he get facial surgery? I doubt it.
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    Then he could have said he doesn't care but sounds like his strategy is based on him knowing what they do, thus he was lying about the connection quality.
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  5. It does appear to be him -- I think he just hasn't updated his public photo in a while. Interesting to see the "back and forth" on Twitter. I was disappointed in his lack of restraint.

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    Mark Minervini (Meltdown)


    Traders (Shorting opportunities)
  7. As far as I am aware, his strategy is not based on knowing what the stock does.
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    Have deactivated my Twitter so, do not see anything these days. If it is posted on Twitter then, it must be him. You cannot post lies and disinformation on Twitter because you will be called out on it on the spot with millions seeing it. Called out Sara Eisen of CNBC on her comments on the economy one time, asked her 2 questions which she ignored. Just proves a lot of these hacks are not to be trusted and believed.
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  9. That was my take -- assuming there wasn't a connection issue, he could have said "I don't know and I don't care."

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  10. I suspect his thought process (based on the deer in headlights look) was "should I really tell millions of people worldwide that I don't give a fuck what this company does? If I say that, it could adversely impact the price and I am long. let me instead claim connection issues, yes that'll work"
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