Mark Wahlberg lists six-acre Beverly Hills estate for nearly $90 million

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  1. Pekelo


    I actually like it. No mention of the building cost, probably 15-20 MM or so. Why is he selling, his crypto investments didn't work out?
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  2. Overnight


    I don't get what the deal is with homes and bed/bath count. It seems there is a threshold of home size where the bedroom/bathroom ratio flips from more beds than bath, to more bath than bed. Strange phenomenon.
  3. Suggesting, perhaps, that rich people are more full of shit?
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  4. Tasteful, yes. But a little over the top, wouldn't you say?
  5. Pekelo


    Hey at least he is wasting/investing his money in real estate instead of NFTs. :)

    I would like to rent it, but I probably wouldn't want to live in it. But I like the gilded age style. It is probably good for people with lots of kids and parties. And the 2 sidehills for privacy...
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  6. Yes, it did strike me as somewhat Gatsbyesque.
  7. No pool table, bowling alley?

    Why bother?...
  8. mlawson71


    It's actually quite beautiful. Opulent but not as tacky as some other places I've seen.
  9. Bugenhagen


    Tell me about it, a couple of acting classes wouldn't have gone astray..

    That house looked familiar, initially I thought it was maybe Tom Brady's house in Ted 2 but it's a lot larger, it's mostly they are both pinkish.
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