Market completely craters and VIX was... DOWN?!

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  1. You guys know I've been calling out the VIX for being too low. You guys also know that you've been like "eeeees OK, no big deal, its where it should be". So yesterday, the major indexes, including the SP500, cratered over 1.5%. And the VIX was DOWN on the day?!?! Something is very amiss.... I dunno what, but something...
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    Good point, VIX has been lagging. Cramer did a good video yesterday about it, on YouTube

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    $VIX was unchanged.

    Opened @ 31.61 and closed @ 31.62

    Where it closed the prior day, matters only the prior day.
  4. Oh ye clueless reactionary. It's expected one quarter of the times spx is down. Learn what the fuck your trading
  5. The VIX is not an exact science....a linear, predictable, straight function.
    If the market falls/rises, and VIX remains relatively stable can mean the market is not scared of that relatively volatile movement. The market is complacent, calm and expected.

    Now, if an incident like Russia used a tactical nuclear weapon on Ukraine tomorrow....the VIX would shoot up drastically, and insurance options would shoot through the roof in premiums,
    Make a Million dollar Soy,
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    Which is why I am always long uvxy, for black swans

  7. lol wat? I am comparing the VIX did to what the market did over the exact same period, not what the VIX did during some period to what the market did in some different period LOL.
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    You'll understand someday.
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    Mreh. One thing that Cramer and all these other peeps don't seem to acknowledge in any great detail is how the VIX and SP ebb-and-flow in the intraday session. Didn't the VIX spike to 32-33 over the last two days? Forget that is closes low 32 or 31. Those intraday spikes can be telling! Why don't they analyze that with EOD OI on call/put positions?
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    Weekly VIX


    I dunno why you think VIX is not moving higher. As you can see from the chart, the range spanning the last 13 years is between 11 and 37. Vix is currently hovering near that upper range with the trailing 20 day moving average at 25, which is at about the mid-range.
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