Market Data Link for Tradestation

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  1. Anyone had experience with Market Data Link for TS8 from

    I can't get the trial version to install and I'm trying to determine if its worth my time to delve further in resolving the glitch.

    It supposedly allows real time data to be picked up in Excel from Tradestation, which if it worked as advertised would be hugely beneficial.

    TS allows me to get RTD on 2000 symbols and the other services don't seem to do this other than esignal which s expensive and I hear has problems. (RTD was discussed on another thread here but it does not address this issue)

  2. I tried that few months ago and I found that:

    1. It provides (exports) only a small subset (limited number) of market data fields i.e. bid, ask, last, etc.

    2. When I tried with 500+ symbols, I found that after a few minutes the data updates (values) were really lagging behind the actual data in TS.

    I called support several times about this and I got no useful info out of them.


    I found however an alternative product which provides a bit more flexibility. You may want to have a look at it.

    Do a serach for "itos tickerpro"

    Hope it helps.
  3. thanks for saving me valuable time trendmomentum

    I'm looking into tickerpro now.

    I'm surprised that Excel's RTD feature is not discussed more here since its potential seems enormous. I suspect the real time data providers have no interest in seeing it take off since they are peddling software themselves to chart, filter etc. this data.
  4. indeed. BTW, bear in mind that there seems to be a problem with RTD in excel 2007, so if you are planning a migration ... you may want to hold on for a while!
  5. I was thinking about migrating due to the hugely expanded number of columns but your comment gives me pause

    BTW I'm using the trial version of DTQIN data feed with 1800 bogs down my 3+GB dual core processor machine!

    There is a companion program called XLQ which makes RTD interfacing with Excel a breeze...and it works with certain other data feeds, IB being one that comes to mind I may try other feeds