Market Sense + Nonsense..... by Jack Schwager

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  1. I wonder if this[Market sense + Nonsense book] is anywhere near as good as his other top trading books??
    Of course i read anything with discretion. I found his TA book helpful; but his top trader books[all 4 -maybe more,LOL]were more helpful than his TA book which i liked.

    Thanks in advance; i may take up to 5 days or 50 days to reply, but that is not a prediction. Most trading books are a good buy except Amazon booksellers gapped up price [as in $35 to 50/+ ]some Algo... Trading books, usually that is an overpriced topping signal.NOT a prediction.LOL
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    IMO the wizards serie is a nice see through among some top traders. But anything else from Schwager is bullshit. I know this book and think it's useless. He reported nice interviews. But this does not make him a great trader.
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    I like Schwager's book "A Complete Guide to the Futures Markets" (1984), but after that it was fluff books.
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    I see your points K-P;
    he may do better trading his words for book royalty[$].LOL
    Another trader strong slammed his book on stock trading/investing/interviews but i like that one, also.I think it was his book where the hedge fun d manager saw a head of lettuce for $1.oo/+; decided to NOT buy-too high a price ??LOL
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    That's a pretty big title''Complete Guide...'' But if anybody can pull it off in one book, he maybe can. He seldom makes a mistake in his books, but i think his family + editors helped him. I bought most of his books new[brand new]; except i got his hedge fund book interviews ''pre-owned''
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    You got it. To be honest, I don't remember a word from this book. Took a day to read it and I personally found nothing that could help me as a trader. If you want to browse it before to actually purchase it, I can send you a link where you can download the full epub version for free. The last book I found interesting was Traders, Guns and Money: Knowns and Unknowns. Another one was Antifragile: Things that Gain from disorder. Or the Reminiscences of a stock operator. I found a short paper, introduction on information theory (20pages) that blows away Market sense and nonsense ... Definitely not the same kind of literature. I found interesting too.
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    Well, in 1984, there was Edwards and McGee Bible of charting, I got the two books John Hill wrote in late 1970s, Schwager book was 4th I bought and Prings book at the time that I didn't care much. I am thinking this was pre-PC, it might have been "Complete Guide..." since there just wasn't much available except college mainframes and maybe IBM if you worked for them, of course long hand.

    A day to read it? The paperback is 760 pages? I see Amazon now sells the Hardback for 2 grand.
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    That maybe a ''speed read'' H123. LOL. Good thing market makers are fast-usually- but its hard to underline stuff if you move too fast===================================================== I never even read '' Market Makers Edge'' book fast.
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    I don't remember the names of couple books I bought, but they were way way past my ability to understand past the cover, they dealt with risk management and was many equations of how to increase size without increasing risk, but it seemed the more wine I drank, more it became user friendly. LOL I know I have weaknesses to understanding concepts especially now after few brain surgeries, but I can still dance and look good in a Tux.

    If ya can't laugh at oneself for inabilities, makes for a long life. One and many nice things bout growing older, you see what you did in the past and often find why I wasted so much time on caring what people think of you. Once you get past of who cares, opens your way of thinking of life. Of course I don't have a real job or "work for the man" either.

    Hey all, have an incredible nice weekend.
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    Actually i prefer charts , when possible; easier to understand, sometimes faster. NOT that speed is real important to me.LOL
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