Marriage, just don't

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  1. Marriage is quite literally an investment of not only your heart, but all of your work, income—and future income, especially when children are involved. Now, if an investment broker told you he had a deal in which you could invest, and there was more than a 50 percent chance that you would be wiped out and spend most of the rest of your life paying the margin call or going to jail, how much would you invest?
  2. I paid for two weddings that are now kaput!!!

    I told my ex son in law, no hard feelings, glad you're fucking gone, but would mind reimubrsing me for your half of the wedding? In the grand scheme of things, it was worth it, I wish they would have gotten married sooner so that fuck chop would of been out of my life earlier.

    Yea that's what I called him "Fuck chop" 'cept it was FC around the family. One day he got wind that FC was fuck chop, I told him with a straight face "FC" stand for "fucking canoli's" as in would you get me some fc's. He bought it, he knows I like canoli's.
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    No hard feelings, huh? :D
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    So if marriage is an investment, you went bankrupt twice. And once you didn't even get an extra fucking out of it...
  5. Catch 22. Overall it costs a lot more to date women. The article misses the point. Either you get married very young and you divorce in your late 30s or you get married very late with a woman who is feeling time is going by and she needs a kid and security.

    Cardinal rule: never tell to a woman that another woman looks good or that some woman was looking at you. Every woman hates all other women in the world. You will pay for it even if it was not your mistake. If a woman thinks you are her puppy, she will never leave you. if you want to leave, that is a problem...
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    Now this is a topic worth talking about. I wish I would've read this 17 years ago.
  7. Maybe Sharia law isn't so bad after all ;)

    I wonder if one can convert to Islam for purposes of marriage and adjudicating family disputes only?
  8. Pretty good summation.
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    IF done well, marriage can work and is cheaper than high maintenance woman throught the years.

    If done well. Which it seems 55% cant do well.

    The concept is still valid, but the execution seems to be very difficult.

  10. Probably can.... just don't convert back.
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