Marriage, just don't

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    Womanisers are among the most vocal warshippers of women :)
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  2. Now young men expect dutch dates. Why the woman's family still have to pay the full cost of the wedding? It seems many are "liberated" (free sex & 50-50 dutch dates) only when it suits them, but don't step up to pay 50% for the cost of the wedding.
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  3. Marriage is bad for the more responsible and more productive partner - male or female.

    Marriage is for fools - one exception is when you cannot work and live together in the same country due to different nationalities.
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  4. I was sort of dating one good-looking Jerry when first moved to So Cal. As soon as I kissed him (I meant kissing only, clothes on). He wanted to move into my condo. I backed off from taking it any further but continue to hang out at the beach with him as I was new here and don't know many people.

    Then he starting talking about other women chasing him and that I should make up my mind about him. Well, that statement made me lose any romantic interest in him completely.

    I found out later that he was not able to keep his apartment and live in So Cal. His reason for being in a hurry was that he needed a place to live.
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  5. i've been married 18 yrs. overall quite happy but there should be some points made.

    if you pick on the marriage haters and don't have kids you have little right imo. before we had kids it was like a tv show marriage..but once the kids came what a change. still happy but not easy.

    i would tell anyone considering marriage that it is real hard, add in kids and get ready for some real stress; no matter how logical you think you are. to make it work and be happy i would say it is the hardest thing you can ever attempt to do in life.
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  6. Once there are kids , the man comes into the second place for the woman, how does that feel ?
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    this is not exactly the discussion but couldn't help, just don't marry a woman that is short, fat, ugly face, shrill voice or not good personality, imagine having to spend years with someone like that, that will really ruin your life
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  8. it bugged me for a while (mine are 10 and 12) but now i am very happy because i realized i could not change things. it is amazing still to me seeing the marriages in my town fall apart all at the same time. i guess some people don't want to adapt.

    adapt and be happy or don't get married.
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  9. Marriage isnt hard at all. As long as you are not chasing other women, or doing things to piss off your significant other (like surfing porn when she isnt around, or getting buddy buddy with the 20 year old receptionist at work) then its actually easier. Kids are not that hard either as long as you have enough money to care for them and raise them not to be brats.
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  10. didn't Tiger Woods fall into his wife's trap? you know got on TV and publicly admitted his behavior was bad, I guess that was his attempt to save the marriage, then she turned around kicked him to the curb, laughed her way to the bank.
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