Marriage, just don't

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  1. You didnt add the positives though. What if your broker told you that they had an investment that doubled your yearly income(2 income household) and/or gave you a full time nanny, chef, and housemaid and free sex for the rest of your life and it cost you nothing to get started only a committment in front of friends and family to a woman you already love and want to be with.

    Would you invest in that?
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  2. Then again, as in trading it's all about odds... (which do not look great for 95% of participants in either case).
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  3. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    hilarious. i have a beautiful wife who is still as awesome as she was when we were married six years ago. we're both over 35 now with one kid and we enjoy life to it's fullest. sex is still fantastic and she's a great friend.

    no complaints whatsoever.
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  4. So you want to stone your wife and her lover, while you cheat on her with a non-Muslim woman?
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    Most men don't know what they really need from a marriage. Jonathan Gray has a book out that goes into that subject. Men need a supportive woman because we use up testosterone making a living and we need a supportive atmo to rebuild it at the end of the day... we need comfort, a meal, a good atmo...

    The Marxist shit that we have been subjected to is just very destructive to having a woman that wants to do those things... American women all tell me that they DO NOT WANT TO DO THE ABOVE THINGS FOR A MAN!! They have been raised to compete with men, therefore they are not suitable wives and I found that out the hard way over a few decades too.. I made the best of it but it sucked to say the least... I just talk to them like work associates for the most part, viewing them as actual women is futile, they aren't..

    I met a tall and attractive woman very recently that is a gourmet chef and knows massage therapy... and is accomplished in a few more ways than that... how does ET think I'm feeling about that? She is one in a thousand in the US, in other parts of the world probably not unusual at all but in the US, wow, what a rarity...
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  6. +1
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  7. They are many women who do these things: gourmet chef and knows massage therapy and wants to be a supportive homemaker. They don't happen to be tall beauties so end up working full-time outside the home for a living rushing around with kids in daycare. They do not marry well enough to be homemakers. They are too exhausted at the end of the day be a sexy comfort for their husbands.
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  8. there are people who pay for this

    and people who pay for this

    and then there's technology like Microsoft Kinect, which can be used like this

    maybe a company can integrate these three (Real Doll, Sex Chat & MS Kinect), and create some telework jobs for hookers worldwide
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    I would argue that we don't 'need' any of that. I'm not just arguing semantics with you. The implication is that we need all those things to be happy and/or fulfilled.....It's great to want all those things, but the minute you tell yourself you need someone else in your life to be happy/fulfilled....lookout. You have a destructive mindset that will lead to ruin.
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  10. Married men have lower testosterone because they no longer need to "hunt".
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