Marriage, just don't

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    The secret for success in marriage is

    1. always agree with her
    2. keep up the compliments even if you would rather strangle her
    3. Make sure she knows you love her
    4.pick up after her.
    5. pay a neighbour to scare her a bit,so she runs to you for help
    6.remember ALL anniversaries
    7.make sure you always ask first
    8. make sure you believe everything is worth while - no doubts

    If you survive all of that then take frequent walks with the dog

    It's all in the mind - don't you know !!
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  4. Funny, I have found it most effective not to simply submit and agree with my wife. I show her lots of love, but I also absolutely stand my ground when I am certain I am right. I also very quickly admit I am wrong when I am wrong.

    The key is honesty and consistancy.
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    Roosh is pretty good but the best is probably to read Roissy (actually he now calls himself Chateau Heartiste) but he combines the best of lifestyle/game/libertarian info.

    Check out his Marriage is for Chumps archive.

    I believe is is a former SIPC worker drone.
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