Marrying for money

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  1. "I'm a little shocked at the numbers," says Pamela Smock, a sociologist at the University of Michigan who has studied marriage and money. "It's kind of against the notion of love and soul mates and the main motivations to marry in our culture."

    that is silly why would anyone be shocked at the results of this survey ... anyone with average intelligence can understand that words like love are only for the entertainment of the mind
  2. I feel sorry for you. Really. This is a sad post.

    Of course tons of people marry for reasons of expediency. That means nothing.

    My parents are so in love after 40 years of marriage, they're like one person. I'm sure they will pass within a few months of each other. They still hold hands.
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    Nicely said Nik your Parents have the most special thing in the World.

    Some people just cant understand something like that it is simply not in their nature.
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    Actually people marry for a whole host of reasons.

    Love, lust, security, money, children, social standing, sex, etc., etc., etc.

    The relationship that your parents display is rare and should be cherished traderNik, but for most women, the male has to have some type of means, that is a fact of life.

    Even if he doesn't have to have it now, he has to show potential.

    It's just as valid to say "Marriage, ah, no thanks" as it is to say "Love Springs Eternal", it's really about the individual and their experience(s) in life, and we know how varied and diverse that is, now don't we?

    For example:

    1. John has had positive experiences with women, where they have been loving and nurturing, and he comes from a strong family background. So he can't wait to get married and have a family, and he hopes to be able to do so successfully.

    2. Jack has had the whole gamut of experiences with women, where some have been loving and nurturing, other have been manipulative, some conniving, and he's met a few ho's along the way to boot.

    Now, how do you think John and Jack are going to feel about any prospective mates they might meet in the future? ... and because they run in the same social ciricles, it's conceivable that they might meet exactly the same women ...

    Jimmy Jam

    P.S. ... and what would Paul say? "All you need is love yeah, All you need is love, yeah. Love is all you need?"

    Yeah ... right. :D
  5. marriage without love is like a trader without money. There.
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    No argument about that cash.

    It's just that love can be a many splendored thing, if you know what I mean.

    You could:

    1. Love your cat
    2. Love a one night stand
    3. Love your car
    4. Love to trade
    5. Love to dance

    Etc., etc., etc.


    P.S. This all presupposes that one has had sex. Yes, lets make that a prerequisite of the thread. For anyone to post here they have to had sex ... with at least three different partners. :p
  7. Anyone date a woman with money and broke off the relationship? Because.... it wasn't worth it?
  8. A key point as mentioned in the article in the OP regarding a gold digger's ad, comes from "an investment banker, who replied that since his money would grow over time but her beauty would fade, the offer didn't make good business sense. She was, he said, a 'depreciating asset.'"

    Depreciation starts typically around the 28-29 age range, 26 for blondes (they age worse). Although surgical procedures can remedy some depreciative defects, the cost of such procedures usually exceeds the cost of finding a new toy thereby dumping the deadweight loss is recommended.
  9. I didn't want to marry her for her money. But I couldn't figure out another way to get it.
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