Marrying for money

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  1. JimyJam


    Guilty as charged (hey, it's pretty easy in this free society).

    The thing is, like most men, I like to feel like I'm taking care of her, so I'll deal with the drama from a women who doesn't have money quicker than I will from one who does.

    Come to think of it, that sounds kinda messed up on my end.

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  2. JimyJam


    I've actually been accused of wanting chicks for their money, for their ass, for anything but what I wanted them for.

    Which is love.

    But what I'm saying is that feeling of love can be, oh lets say impermanent at best, so I'm not too sure it's a valid reason to marry someone.

    Because what happens when it's gone? :confused:

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  3. 9999


    The article stated also that 71% of women expect to get a divorce. So, there you have it, guys: 3/4 of the female population are goldiggers.
    "Nothing personal, honey; it's just business..."
    But the real question to me, is why such a high percentage. Is it because ladies are greedy, or because guys are dumb?
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  4. Exactly, so I say prostitution should be legalized, and also advertised as if it is something really good and special, so people can get the idea of 'prostitution being bad' out of their head, so we can have more girls in the market, and also higher competition
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  5. yes... i once dated a chick with filthy rich parents. those types of girls are quite clingy and demanding because they're used to getting what they want.

    probably the best type is a girl who grew up poor or working class then became rich on her own. while guys like that exist, unfortunately girls like that don't. for some reason women aren't able to become weathy on their own if they grow up poor, whereas men are.
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  6. Pekelo


    The notion of love-based marriage is only 2-300 years old.

    Statistically speaking marriagies based on common interest last longer than based on love...
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  7. I'm looking for a stamp collector with about 20 mm.:D
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  8. JimyJam


    I agree with you 101% percent on this one ... and will be sure to look you up when they come for us and try to lock us up.

    This is a big taboo in this country, but not so much in others.

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  9. I think another reason is that many women feel they are not as valuable as men in this society because there really is a double standard here. They grow into adults that continue to think that and fear that a man may not love them, because they are not worthy.

    I would guess there are not as many gold diggers out there as you may suspect. I think most women want a relationship where they will not have to struggle. Not one where they can marry a rich guy and then dump him for his money.
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  10. JimyJam


    Sorry bro, but you're 100% wrong on this one.

    Black women who grow up poor/middle class outstip black men in their achievements by more percentage points than I can count.

    Don't mistake having the tide going your way with actual ability. Not that I'm assuming you're Caucasion, no one really knows what anyone here is unless they state it, but just remember:

    There aren't very many things in this world that are personal.

    Jimmy Jam
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