Marrying for money

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    LOL. Spend some time here in Scottsdale and you'll change your tune.

    The bars are jammed with Russian and eastern European girls (many of them strikingly beautiful) looking to hook up with a sugar daddy. Stories are legend here - and sadly true - of the 50 and 60 year old guys who swallowed the hook and got nailed just months later with divorce papers. The girl will just drive away in her new SL and hit the circuit again.

    In 10 years she will have lost her looks and probably have a couple kids she didn't really want. But what the heck, by that time she's got a 3 million dollar home with a view and her mother Olga and sister Tatiana are moving in from the old country.

    Life can be good for attractive whores. Which essentially is all they are.
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  2. All is far in love and war. Love is vulnerability. Vulnerability brings out one's true intentions. Women from the less developed world's main intentions are to escape poverty. They will whisper sweet nothings in your ear, tell you how great you are and how much they love you, and hump you like you've never been humped before. Then leave you once their intentions are met.

    "Money demands that you sell not your weakness to man's stupidity but your talent to their reason." - Ayn Rand

    Women can use your own strengths against you. You may be great and always feel the need to let everyone around you know how great you think you are. If you are in dire need of approval, she will feed that until she gets what she wants then proceed to rip your heart out and hand it to you seconds after she robs you blinds of your wealth. This is a deserving faith.

    Women ARE more calculating about relationships than men. You will never hear a man say this..

    "I am the greatest thing that has ever happened to that person but what about me?"

    This is true because women are more capable of seeing others for their potential, for who they are capable of becoming. They also try to rationalize everything with emotion. Emotion is a lag from your subconcious and concious minds' previous agreement/disagreement. This lag creates an overall smoother sentiment about a particular situation.

    Men who are uncapable of acquiring this ability never truly experience all the fruits of love and success.

    After all.....Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get.
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  3. LOL.. This is too funny. I just met a ~45year old guy at Sbux the other day who JUST moved from Scottsdale after a rough divorce this insanely hot Czech chick. Three months later his $1.5mm spread on Boulder View Dr is for sale and 1/2 his shit is ow here's and less than a month after his divorce he caught her out at Drift on 75th pimpin' other older men.
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    Ethically speaking digging for gold is not worse than digging for youth/beauty/health/etc...

    What I meant by common interest earlier wasn't that both sides have to have the same interest but for example that as long as the rich old guy provides for the young girl and he gets sex and beauty in return, their marriage will last....
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  5. jimy jam said "P.S. ... and what would Paul say? "All you need is love yeah, All you need is love, yeah. Love is all you need?""

    John Lennon wrote that song, and sings it on the record, but w/out the "yeahs'.
    Paul did sing on the chorus, tho.
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    This relates to my following post, the Russian and Emerging Europe gals have something going for them that the OP female in Manhattan looking for a million dollar a year man does not have -- skills, technique and a lack of hang ups. I could be more specific but it is not that kind of board.

    Now as a wasting asset -- you're right wasting and carniverous. The amorality that makes them so compelling in the beginning also applies to divorce court. Hell, they are they type that might even snuff you. Remember where they are from, man.
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    What does this surprise anyone? Any trader or HNW person over 50 who marries a Euro hottie < 30 is an idiot. Swing club date -- sure. Arm candy at corporate functions -- sure. But marriage? How dumb and insecure can you be?
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  8. that's actually very touching.
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  9. Earl and Bubba, two good ol boys from Dixie,
    Are quietly sittin in a boat fishin, chewin an
    Drinkin sweet tea when suddenly Bubba says,
    "I think I'm gonna divorce my wife - she ain't
    Spoke to me in over 2 months."
    Earl spits, sips his tea and says, "You better
    Think it over. - Women like that are hard to
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    Thanks for the correction IMQ.

    It gives me the opportunity to mention that Heather Mills is one of the Top 10 Biggest Hos of 2007, who did softcore photos, pimped herself to the Saudis, and made those super hot Eastern European chicks that everyone is talking about (or hey, one of my ex direct reports married a really hot South American/African American mixed woman and "fell in love" with her ... what she did to him in the divorce proceedings she initiated after he tried to curtail her spending ... OMFG :eek:-she'd had a kid from him by then) look like amateurs in her pursuit of an "extraordinarily wealthy man and a premium upper class lifestyle".

    Hell, she's the Poster Girl for this thread.

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