Maverick74 and marketsurfer's TopstepTrader Combine (daily trade reports and journal)

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by TST_Hoag, Oct 1, 2012.

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    Starting today (Monday, October 1), Maverick74 and marketsurfer will begin a 10-Day Combine ( The account parameters are $50K / 5 lot buying power / $1K daily loss limit. They both have 30 calendar days to complete the 10-Day Combine.

    The Combine objective is to profit $3,500 and follow the Scouting Criteria: If at the end of Combine, if either trader (or both) have met the Combine objective, they will be provided with a fully-funded trading account (no capital contribution required)

    On this thread, we will be posting both Maverick74 and marketsurfer's trade reports (this is normally private for all TopstepTrader recruits, but they have both agreed to let us post their reports). Both Maverick74 and marketsurfer will also be keeping a journal of their Combine experience on this thread.
  2. Looking forward to it...

    Good luck to both maverick and marketsurfer...

    You guys should put up some screen shots...


  3. Good idea. I am off this high right now, took a few riskier trades:

  4. So secretive... Just the PnL... ...LOL...:D Pretty close to beating it and on your first day...


    If you beat it tomorrow do they still make you do the rest of the 10 days...?
  5. Maverick74


    Good job Surf! I'm going to restrict my comments to after the close only. Good luck Surf!
  6. Thanks, brother mav. I am well off those highs right now, took a few risky entries trying to push above the 3500 and they didn't turn out as expected. still nicely positive on the session, however!

  7. iankotze


    Yes, you have to do the full 10 days -
    Well done to Market Surfer for a great start.
  8. ammo


    surf are you still on the delayed simulator
  9. No, I switched over the combine today. you can see the 2 accounts on the attachment. surf
  10. ammo


    i see, nice work
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