Mayors Around the US Race To Embrace, Be Paid in Bitcoin

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    Prolly nothing...

    Mayors Around the US Race To Embrace, Be Paid in Bitcoin
    Namcios Bitcoin Magazine

    NOV 5, 2021 4:28PM EDT

    The mayors of Jackson, TN, and Tampa, FL, are the latest to join the cohort of US mayors converting their paychecks into bitcoin.

    • The mayors of Jackson, TN, and Tampa, FL, have committed to convert their next paychecks into bitcoin.
    • Game theory is playing out gracefully and mayors across the country are racing to portray their towns as the most Bitcoin-friendly.
    • The trend was kicked off by Francis Suarez, the mayor of Miami, who was closely followed by New York City Mayor-Elect Eric Adams.
    The trend of mayors taking bitcoin as payment is heating up. After Miami Mayor Francis Suarez and NYC Mayor-Elect Eric Adams announced they would be taking their next paychecks in bitcoin, two other mayors have followed suit. Scott Conger, from Jackson, TN, and Jane Castor from Tampa, FL, have both shared similar intentions for their next city payment.

    Game theory is ramping up the speed and quantity of mayors to convert their payments into bitcoin, prompting a cohort of politicians to seek and make their cities a true Bitcoin hub in the U.S.

    “While state law prohibits the City of Jackson, TN, from paying me in Bitcoin, I’ll follow the lead of Francis Suarez and Eric Adams and instantly convert my next paycheck to Bitcoin,” Conger tweeted yesterday.

    The mayor’s statement shows that anyone can get paid in bitcoin, all that is needed is buy BTC with the entirety of the paycheck as soon as it lands. In his case, Tennessee legislation doesn’t allow the city of Jackson to pay him in actual bitcoin directly, however, he can simply convert his paycheck into BTC.

    Lightning Network payments app Strike, for instance, allows its users to automatically and easily turn a part or the entirety of their salaries to bitcoin. The app’s new “Pay Me In Bitcoin” feature allows users to seamlessly convert their income into BTC using their account and routing numbers, regardless of who their employers are.

    The Mayor of Tampa also shared a similar strategy today, saying that she was up to the challenge of joining the cohort of U.S. mayors getting paid in bitcoin.

    “Apologies for coming late to the conversation,” Castor tweeted in response to Suarez’s paycheck conversion announcement from November 2. “But I’m certainly up for the challenge,” she said, hinting that she would also be buying bitcoin with her next paycheck.

    Castor later quote-tweeted a Bitcoin Magazine tweet announcing her move, saying “Champa Bay is a leader in everything from sports to tech why not Bitcoin? Tampa is ready to be the next big hotspot for cryptocurrency.”
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    The end is near...........
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    Open the doors and windows for peak cash bribes of elected public officials.
    Bunch of grifters!
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    End of what?
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    The end of the year as we know it. You just wait and see, this will be relevant in 2024. Mark it dude!

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    I think he means because now that its going mainstream, its one of those "buy the rumor and sell the news" events.

    I know that they say the participation rate of BTC is still small, and the average account has 4k of BTC, or 0.006, but isn't it already mainstream now? Its kind of hard for me to gauge what is mainstream since I consume so much crypto, trading, and business info. So I really have no idea what the average person knows.
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    I think like you I'm so caught up in the cryptos space, but we are nowhere near the end, imho

    This is based on price which is at least $100K or time which is a few months after the new year

    The sooner we hit $100K, the higher the projected top price for btc on this bull market cycle

    With a caveat that crypto investors (our) projections are wrong
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    Average address balances aren't reliable since many (most?) wallet apps now use new addresses for each transaction. One person or entity can have their crypto balance spread across thousands of addresses.

    From where I sit we're neck-deep in the public participation phase. Back around June I was out in NYC when a dude literally came up to us on the street and said "Have you heard of cryptocurrency? Look into it" then walked off. In August one of my wife's childhood friends (a female college dropout who works in sales, nothing to do with tech or finance) was showing me her Solana and Cardano holdings on her phone's trading app. There was a headline the other day claiming that 4% of US workers have quit due to windfall crypto gains - the vast majority of them modest, but still an extraordinary figure if true. However, in the era of MMT markets, extreme bullish sentiment has lost most of its signal value.
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  9. %%
    Mayor, Jackson TN?? Jackson TN is also known for an interesting tourist attraction + i've been there\Casey Jones Trainwreck==========================================================================================================[Mayor Congor's wife was caught, tried , in WMT shoplifting, but that's not the mayors fault\ but allowing his toddlers to put stuff in cart they will not pay for, '' to avoid a scene??'' HUH?? ] But Casey JONES , he is somewhat of a hero, he told his chief engineer to ''jump'' before the fatal crash:caution::caution: