MBT Demo sucks!

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by nealvan, Dec 25, 2007.

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    They charge a commission if you don't trade a certain size. Meet the threshold and they only take part of the spread.
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    shut up idiot! Did I ask you to get smart. If you can't answer the question silence is better.
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    F off bastard! Quite trying to crash my thread. He pm'd me about something stupid which turned out to be a little put down game he was playing. Anyway like I said bastard f off!
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  5. I have a piece of advice for you. Do not open an account at IB. You need a broker that will be there to talk to you about all kinds of things. IB reps will not be interested in talking to you about anything.

    You're best off paying more for commish and hiring a broker who will be willing to have long talks with you.
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    Thanks for the reply that is exactly more point. If they were truely helpful they wouldn't act annoyed.
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  7. Excellent, a well thought out response which specifically addresses my post. You competently countered the argument that

    1. You were calling another member an idiot when he was just trying to help you

    2. You tend to post links and then ask plaintively why the information at those links isn't the truth. Then you post more links as if to say 'But look!! It is posted here!!'

    3. You started a whine thread in Chit Chat. There is nothing that indicates weak-mindedness more than whining about an anonymous internet personna.

    Are you a female?
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  8. speaking of increasing volatility.....
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  9. Neal where are you located so we can stay away from any malls or other public venues in the area until this all blows over?
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    Why am I calling someone an idiot that answer my question with a stupid remark.. Go figure. I don't know too many people that like to be talked down to. I asked a simple question. Please don't waste my time by mentioning something and then being a smart ass. You need to grow up lowlife.
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