MBT Demo sucks!

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by nealvan, Dec 25, 2007.

  1. nealvan


    Where you involved in this conversation? Look I didn't get personal. It's very rude for someone to play this game.
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  2. nealvan


    no I'm not are you an arab terrorist?
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  3. No offense, let it all out man. I am just trying to look out for me and my family during the after-Christmas sales.
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  4. nealvan


    This all just shows how little you people are.
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  5. nealvan


    What a nutty thing to think. Are you all in the glee club? I guess insults and mental abuse are a one way street from you snots.
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  6. Man you're being extremely combative. Just confusing....you spew forth the hate.....even your post title is aggressive...

    Relax a little man. Seriously, it's all good.

    I swear to you I'll try to answer your questions if you'll chill. I imagine there are others who feel the same way.
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  7. So the guy above sent you a PM, huh? Actually, you probably sent him a PM first, considering that you just sent me and unwanted one, swearing at me like a 14 year old!!

    Do me a favour and don't PM me ever again, okay Debbie?

    And don't believe everything you read on the internet.

    And don't assume that a broker is going to 'lay out the red carpet' for a 5K account piker like you

    And try not to start threads in Chit Chat that whine about other member sending you PMs when you're the one who initiates those exchanges.

    And if you want to trade forex, do it through an ECN.

    And try to act your age.
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  8. nealvan


    Why because I'm agressive. Hey stay off the race track. This isn't shopping for eggs. Read what I said. Besides I'm mad because that is what they said to me before Good luck you'll need it just for asking a question. Is this a game you people play with everyone. If you don't want to answer my question don't bother. I'm not being childish here. I asked some simple questions and I'm making so comments about products I felt should be more competitive. Where you people get you are more human than me I don't get. I'm chewing up the product and the service. Apparently you can't get that and these nuts in here are insistent to throw stones at me for bringing up valid points. If you care about your family so much and you car has a flaw are you going to just mind your place. Anyway flawed logic in here.
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  9. nealvan


    1st of all I do act my age. I don't bring something up and answer a question with a stupid remark. If your out of line you get corrected so it is you that needs to grow up and to be put over the knee bastard.

    Why are you making these stupid comments to me anyway?
    Maybe you are a troll or a lowlife. This is about Brokers in case you can't read idiot!

    My name is Neal not Debbie.. Do you have something wrong with you????

    Seriously go to the doctor and get your brain checked. Better yet go chase cars on the road that look at you funny.

    "Good luck you'll need it" is not an answer to a question it's a way of mentally abusing someone in this context.

    And no I did not send the other idiot a pm first. He said something about Saxo bank so I thought he wanted to have a conversation about it. Anyway you have something wrong with you in the head and won't understand my point of view but just for the record he sent me another email getting personally. I thought he was serious because I do misspell words so I told him about my learning disability when I was younger. He came back with a snotty message saying my reply was too long and didn't read it. To me it was a way of making a bland put down. I thought he seriously want to know why I spelled words wrong. As it figures he was just being mentally abusive. I guess it's a game you people play with in here. So you see it's not me.
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  10. cstfx


    Dude, you really ought to grow a thicker skin if you want to survive and make it in this field. This isn't an art, as you once put it, but a cut-throat business. People are going to call you names right and left over the next couple of years; you can either ignore it and move on or inflame it and become more combative.

    Also, there are no "my thread"s here - everything you post is for public consumption and public comment. Expect the discourse.
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