MBT Demo sucks!

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    Again you take what I say out of context. I know this is for public viewing but I selected a topic and they can at least try to stick to it. A lot of people in here think they know more than they do. This is the case when someone can't answer a simple question. Look we were in another thread like this when I asked a simple question. I didn't take over that thread but this is my thread I wrote it so you could have some respect there.
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    Between the above and the rest of your rants I gotta say I've never seen a paper trader get so wound up. You have no chance of ever being a successful trader if you let your emotions get so out of control.
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    Again I didn't ask you what my odds are..
    Rants. hum... Is this some kind of reverse logic. I think I know more about programs than you ever will. These are not rants I used to be in the software business little man.
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  5. Actually, this is Baron's thread, not yours. Anyone can come here and post whatever they want and if you have a problem with it, you have to complain to a mod and have the posts removed. So quit calling this 'my thread'. It isn't 'your thread'.

    Secondly, you are one of the most emotional people I have ever seen on this site. You seem to be ruled by emotions. I too recall that you started a thread in Chit Chat complaining about another member. That is the sure sign of emotionality. Also, if you send people PMs swearing at them, as powerfade says (not sure if that's true) then you are also exhibiting emotional instability. After all, does that really make any sense? This is an anonymous site!!

    Three people have tried to help you here and you have jumped down their throats because they were telling you something you didn't want to hear.

    If you can't learn to bring your emotions under control, trading will be a disaster.

    I suggest that you quit your search for a broker, continue paper trading, and read up on the psychology of trading. It's what's between your ears that will make the difference, and right now, you don't have the emotional self-control to start trading real money.

    Hope this helps, it wasn't meant as a flame, just friendly advice and honest observation

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    Yeah, I was in the software business 17 years. How many patents do you have for the systems you developed? Been trading for 12 years full time. I repeat --- with your emotional outbursts you have no chance of success.
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  7. LOL you say some shit to me like "hey broseph this is Wall Street gotta be tough it ain't shopping for eggs" and then out of the other side of your mouth you are making complaint posts about other members being mean to you

    Seriously what the hell is wrong with you?

    I tried to be nice and offer assistance to you but you keep talking shit.

    I am starting to think English isn't your first language, and if I am correct, then I am willing to lay off a little because maybe we are having miscommunication here....

    My offer still stands. I respect your consumer advocate standpoint. Seriously I do, but that ain't the way to go about it. There are some people here that will help you out, hell powerfade is STILL trying to be helpful even after you keep talking shit to him.

    Be respectful man. At least to people who are trying to be nice.
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    I haven't chosen a broker yet but other than being an ECN why should I bother fiddling around with an inefficient platform?

    And what was wrong with that statement that I made here?

    This is what you dwell on? Is that is the worst you can say about me?

    Well I'll stand alone on my opinion I guess but at least I'll stand tall above the shit.
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    Ok Frank.
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    No I am not in the wrong! You don't need to push me around.
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