Meet Record-breaking Topstep Trader, Corbett - Video Interview with Founder Michael Patak

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    Meet the Funded Trader who plans to eat $42,000 worth of Chipotle and Coors Light

    Corbett is quite frankly, kicking ass. ($42k in 3 days) Topstep Founder, Michael Patak, sat down with Corbett to talk about this amazing feat. And, this isn't beginner's luck. Corbett has faced the struggles all traders have. Here's his story.

    If you have any questions regarding Topstep, please let us know.

    - The Topstep Team
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  2. Omg! This is amazing!!
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    Omg omg omg. Lol
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  4. that was hard to watch, not gonna lie.
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  5. virtusa


    Just some remarks:
    • $42K in 3 days and you are already sure it is not beginners luck? Statistically 3 days means nothing at all.
    • We need the return on invested capital, not just$42k. 42K on 100K is a lot; 42k on 1million is not that good...
    • Come back with the results end of this year to have a more realistic idea about the achievement.
    • The fact that you post this is because it is exceptional. In other words Topstep Trader will never be a guarantee that you can copy Corbett. It's like Powerball who would make publicity with those who win the Powerball. Which means less than 0.001% of all players.
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  6. The guy who started TopStep trading said his “biggest day EVER was 33k and that was after many many years of trading”.

    That’s all???
  7. khandl


    No doubt.... this guy had no f@#$ing clue how he made 42k. He's a gambler not a trader. With 150 point rips up and down lately its not out of the question. Poor example for real traders....
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  8. destriero


    $42K is my hourly var, but I think I am missing something... is he going to buy $42K in Chipotle and Coors? THAT I will watch.
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