Men, Women, Divorce, and Trading in 2012

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Should I get Married?

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  1. jinxu


    Hey all,

    I'm a long time trade and I'm getting married soon to mid twenty girl I've been seeing for about a year. We're deeply in love and she said she's completely okay with me staying at home trading for a living. But I have my doubt and worry sometime if she's a gold digger.

    What are anyone's thought, tips, and advice on marriage? Am I looking ahead to good times or bad times?
  2. Ash1972


    Get a watertight pre-nup first. If you don't do that, you're no trader.
  3. guranteed 50% drawdown if she leaves. Protect the trading account. Marriage means changes and compromise, wouldn't do it until you first have a little office somewhere outside the house. Once things settle down a little you can always move back in (your own house.)
  4. if you have been with her for a year and worry about whether she's a gold digger, then she IS a gold digger. Don't lie to yourself, You know best.
  5. themickey


    Make sure she goes to work and leaves you in peace during the day.
    If she is chirping in your ear all day there is no way you'll be trading - except the losers.
  6. plus, it looks bad when nothing is going on and you are plopped in front of the tv (even if you are watching CNBC.)
  7. I'm pretty sure they are all gold diggers, that's the way it has always been. This idea of marrying for love was invented by the French during the Romantic period.
  8. themickey


    ...and with that username, what do you think are your chances...?
  9. jinxu


    yeah, I'm aware of the "jinx" in the username. But what's that got to do with anything. What I'm really worry about is how much power can a wife really have with her husband? It's not like she can take everything in divorce. I'm a fighter and I can fight to get custody of the children if need be.

    I know my fiance will keep giving me regular sex once we move in together and she's more then willing to do her share of the housework. What's the chance that we're gonna get divorce anyways. We're better then that 50% fail rate.

    And beside what's the WORST that can really happen if we get divorce? We split and just go our separate ways. That's just like in trading when dealing with a loss.
  10. a 50% loss
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