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  1. Hello MacBookProHo,


    Likewise to you as well buddy.

    Your point is well taken! I been thinking about it. Working with social media marketer to get something going to sale to wannabe traders.
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  2. easymon1


    SML, how long you been working on your trading?
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  3. Hello easymon1,

    Honestly about 3 strong years day for day. I was bullshitting the first 2 years taking time off and messing around.
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  4. easymon1


    So it took you 2 years to realize that Time management is part of the job, so that makes 5 years all together, so How funny is that? LOL. Funnier over here than over there, I'll lay you odds on that.

    Hey MaxBoo, you got those three answers for me over there, funnyman? LOL

    Yeah, hey SML, what are the odds we EVER see MaxBoo's answer to those three little questions that any expert of his level doing what he claims to be doing would have off the top of his head? He's pleadin the fifth like generic options questions are going to ruin his entire house of cards. LOL, now THAT's Funny too. Hell, I'm crackin up over here. You two are a laugh extravaganza.

    So SML, Will MaxBoo's answers arrive before or after WRB and GBW provide trje clinical trials studies that show jabs are safe and effective?

    I figure the odds on either one to be slim and none.
    Betcha beer SML, lol.

    At least MacBoo's people skills make up for his lack of creds as to his claims.
    three simple questions MacBoo. c'mon. you can do it.....
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  5. NoahA


    Pretty much all of it... but hey, if a mentor who is killing it would want to point out other stuff, I'd be all ears.

    Maybe he is using the DOM and sees a thick level, which although I don't consider price action since its not something that price has done, it just another thing to watch. Or maybe he watches the tape and wants to see something interesting happen here before he considers taking a double bottom. It would all be great shit if called out in real time as its unfolding and causes the trader to put on the trade.

    I actually think that a fairly big component of how an expert would filter trades is simply "I don't like how its moving." If you study people enough, you can tell how confident someone is after watching them take just a few steps. That body language is such a good indicator if you can read it well. So if you're watching the last printed price bounce up and down at a key level as something is setting up, I do believe that an expert will be in tune with this and greatly affect his decision to put on a trade, or stay in a trade.
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  6. easymon1


    NoahA, please Help me understand where we got on separate pages between the question you answered and question I asked.

    I asked:
    How much of your commentary consists of Price Action Setup Calls?
    1) Still on the same page?
    Y or N?

    A price action call such as a double bottom would be like. the 3 lines below.

    _e.g. Hey Double Bottom setup forming on ES 5minute at 9:56 Eastern Time

    _...aaaaannnddddd TRIGGERED on close after breach of the neckline in classic fashion at

    _10:01:03. Here we go...

    2) Still on the same page?
    Y or N?

    You answered:
    Pretty much all of it..
    3) Still on the same page?
    Y or N?

    Please understand that "other stuff" is
    interpretation and mentoring and other stuff and silence, in other words NOT
    Price Action Setup Calls.
    4) Still on the same page?
    Y or N?

    Again, Still on the same page?
    5) Still on the same page?
    Y or N?

    OK then so
    How much of your commentary consists of Price Action Setup Calls?
    Answer: Pretty much all of it..
    6) Still on the same page?
    Y or N?

    How much of your commentary consists Other Stuff, also known as
    interpretation and mentoring and other stuff and silence?
    Let's do some math OK?

    by subtracting "Pretty much all of it" from "All of it" = Pretty much None of it".
    _if it is not interpretation
    _and it is not mentoring
    _and it is not other stuff
    _and it is not silence?

    Please enter below the number of Price Action Setup Calls you would say that you make
    during the average hour of your session?

    Number of Calls = about ___ Calls during the average hour of your session?

    In Summary:
    Was there a numbered line at which we were Not still on the same page answering the same
    question in the same way?
    7) Y or N
    Which numbered line would that be?


    Thank You.
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  7. NoahA


    I honestly have no idea what you are asking and your post is very confusing.

    Also, I'm not making any price action commentary. What I suggested was a mentor working with a student and the mentor calling out what he sees in real time and any trades he takes based on his observations. This I am saying is much better than a mentor who will teach the student as if he designed a course. There is no need for a course. There is only need for the student to follow the mentor, for the student to take the same trades and put money into their own account, and then for the student to slowly transition into taking on their own trades after seeing the mentor operate day after day for weeks in various market environments.
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  8. easymon1


    I will try to communicate more clearly.

    Please can you answer this?

    I asked:
    How much of your commentary consists of Price Action Setup Calls?
    1) Is that question clear?
    In other words are we still on the same page?
    Y or N?
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  9. NoahA


    Here is my confusion. I'm not making any calls as I'm not mentoring.

    What I was suggesting was the best type of mentor would let you see him trading live. He would be sharing what he is doing with you, both calling out trades as he enters them, and making comments on why he is entering based on what he sees happening. I only suggested the things I suggested because that is what I use, price action, like double bottoms, or other patterns, and multiple markets lining up. But if he uses completely different information, I'd be all ears.

    My own personal feeling is that price action is perhaps what 90% of people use (even if they don't call it price action). Perhaps someone has a mathematical model that does calculations and it figures out an edge solely based on analyzing the stream of prices and volume as it comes in, and their algo does all the placing of trades, but this type of trader would more than likely never even be looking to mentor so this example is a moot point.
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  10. easymon1


    I was wrong.
    My bad. You were talking about what your commentary WOULD BE like, not what it IS like.
    My mistake.

    On the bright side then, by your answer, you WOULD structure your commentary so "Pretty Much All Of It" would consist of Setup Calls in Real Time. Would that be correct?

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