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  1. ron_887


    I feel like mentorship is important in the initial journey of forex trading. Because reasonable guidance is very important to make you distinguish between right and wrong decisions.
    #71     Nov 16, 2022
  2. Kazos


    Yes, I also feel that when the trading career begins we need initial guidance for push and practical information.
    #72     Nov 17, 2022
  3. Mentors will help you identify your mistakes and can be beneficial for traders
    #73     Nov 20, 2022
  4. noframe


    Mentorship is very much needed when you are on a trading journey. It not only guides you but also motivates you to keep going.
    #74     Nov 23, 2022
  5. schizo


    Actually, mentorship is more valuable towards the middle of your trading career. That's when you get all cocky and make silly mistakes (and still have no clue what you've done).
    #75     Nov 23, 2022