Message to IB: SGX Nikkei futures commission structure

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by wwx, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. wwx


    Any chance of revising IB's current SGX Nikkei futures commission structure?

    bundled 300 JPY
    unbundled 411 JPY (!?)

    Thanks for your attention.
  2. It should be noted that all JPY products need review. Like, I said before...IB said it was on the agenda, but when that happens, I don't know. Hopefully soon!

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  3. Would an IB rep (def, steve?) please be so kind as to update us on this? It was over 1 year ago that def said on ET it was on the agenda to be changed for all JPY products.

    Thanks in advance IB.

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  4. Another thing: SGXNK should be fungible with the CME contract.
  5. Unbundled Aussie SPI futures also seem outta line comparing bundled vs. unbundled.

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  6. joesan


    maybe there is a simple solution: open two IB accounts, one for unbundled rates, one for bundled rate product like SGXNK
  7. It is really crazy. JPY-based products like NIKKEI 225 charged such a weird commission plan. I don't understand why it takes sooooo long for them to fix that. What they need to do is to change the parameters. It should be very easy.

    Why do they need to maintain such an unfair plan? This only makes customers mad. :mad:

    Does anyone try to raise a ticket or a feature poll about this? I would vote for it if any.
  8. wwx


    Hi all

    I've submitted a features poll request to rationalize IB's current SGX JPY-denominated product commission structure. If you've an interest in these products, please vote.

    ID #2596
    Title: Rationalize SGX JPY product commission structure
    Submitted by: wwtrader

    The poll can be quickly located by searching for the contributor wwtrader.

  9. nove


    It is not "unfair." It may be annoying but it is not unfair - you have the choice.
  10. It is an "all-these-or-those" choice. Choose either unbundled or bundled plan as a whole. You can't pick either bundled or unbundled plan per product. If it were available, it would be fair.

    Now we need two accounts just to get rid of them. How stupid it is.
    I'm wondering why no IB staff dares to explain such non-sense would occur in the commission plan.
    #10     May 18, 2007