Michael J Parsons -- Author of Channel Surfing/Balance Dynamics/Reversal Dynamics

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  1. Good Morning,

    I was wondering if any students of Mr. Michael J Parsons are on this forum. Mr. Parsons is the author of a book titled Channel Surfing and also produced a trilogy of DVDs entitled: Channel Surfing, Balance Dynamics and Reversal Dynamics.

    Unfortunately, his website has been down for some time (greatest trading tools) and attempts to contact him have not been unsuccessful thus far....

    Sorry to say Mr. Parsons' work has been widely pirated and is being resold on every Chinese and Russian cracking site from here till eternity.

    I have found a lot of value in Balance Dynamics and would like to contact the author, Mr. Parsons to pay for his original work and also in the hope I could clarify my doubts directly with him.

    Hence, I would appreciate if any of Mr. Parsons old students could direct me to Mr. Parsons by sending me a DM.

    Thank you.

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    I read the book years ago. It was just another subjective approach, with no 100% black-and-white rules, backtesting or real-time performance results. I'm sure Parsons' disciples would like to think he's on some tiny exotic island, making bank by "channel surf" trading a few hours a day. It's more likely that he's in some completely different line of work now.
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  3. Thanks for the reply MKTrader. May I know if anyone found any value in Mr. Parsons work?, i.e., Balance Dynamics/Reversal Dynamics or Channel Surfing.

    Thank you,

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    I can't help you there. It looks like he was a pretty early adopter of using Youtube (12-year old channel) and social media for marketing--but hasn't added new content in years from the brief search I did. If his site is down, I'd assume he's out of the trading education business for good. I guess you could comment on his YT videos or Facebook/Twitter accounts and see if anyone replies and wants to discuss.
  5. Thank you for the advice MKTrader. Will try to contact him this way.

    BR, SAS
  6. Hello. I am just bumping this tread. Please request any old students of Mr. Parson's to help me get in touch with him.

    Thank you, SAS