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    My desktop Dell 8300 has 1 AGP and 2 open regular PCIs.

    The current vidoe card has 1 VGA and 1 DVI output? Can I do 2 screens with it?

    If I want to have 6 screens, can I have 1 AGP for 2 screens and mix 2 other regular PCI based multl screen video cards?
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    Im pretty sure you cannot do both on the one card unless it is a dual video card which I doubt as they dont usually come with both vga and dvi. You can get an agp dual video card and still have your six. Agp video cards are almost obsolete now so are very cheap. In fact I have a matrox 450 dual vga you can have if you want to send me a prepaid box.
  3. Dont know about the agp pci stuff but you can do two screens on a card with DVI and Analogue (not sure about your card as you don't quote the numbers). You can do a mix of dig and analog screens or u can use converters and drive two of the same off the card.
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    Yes, to all... so long as the cards are compatible.
  5. Yes, you can connect 2 screens to your current AGP card. Try to find and download the latest driver first.

    Yes, you can add two PCI (not PCI Express) cards with 2 heads each and add 4 more screens.

    It is best to stick with one chipset for all. In other words, if your current AGP card is an nVidia card, then you can add another 2 GeForce FX 5200 cards and get the number of screens you need. You can also use the cheaper Quadro NVS cards. In any case, they are both made by nVidia, so you will not have any hassles with compatibility.

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    1. Where did you get the idea that "Quadro NVS cards are cheaper"? New, they are about $150 or $450 for the quad.

    2. The driver for NVS and FX series cards are different, so they might not work together just because "both are made by Nvidia".
  7. I've had both AGP and PCI cards running at the same time. The AGP was nVidia, and the PCI was ATI. So it is possible for different chipset manufacturers to be run simultaneously on the same computer.
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    That's right. But it's also true that some video cards by the same maker won't work together.
  9. 1. http://www.overstock.com/Electronic...A-DDR-OEM/2648164/product.html?cid=99046&fp=F
    I would say that's pretty cheap.

    2. Although the two drivers are different, they work seamlessly together. I have both on 6 systems here for various traders and you control all from one desktop manager. Beats the crap out of an nVidia and an ATI driver trying to work together.
  10. I have done various combinations of Matrox, ATI, nVidia and Diamond. It is a coin toss depending on which specific card combination. A huge headache that can be easily avoided by sticking to just one chipset.
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