MktCap of AMD soon overtakes INTC

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by thecoder, Oct 27, 2021.

  1. thecoder


  2. maxinger


    very impressive AMD performance.
    it has been growing since 2018.
  3. Nobert


    The correlation between the quality of the business and it's market cap, might be misleading.
  4. afiacpti


    I will go for INTC for the short and medium term, they have a lot of new positive developments and selling a CSP on INTC seems like a no brainer.

    Although the stock is largely range bound, that just helps even more.
  5. Study inverse correlation INTC to AMD.
  6. d08


    INTC is in deep trouble. Data centers are also discarding Intel for AMD. Intel overplayed their hand and I don't see them getting back on top anytime soon.
  7. AMD is a much better stock. INTC is hated at the moment.
  8. nitrene


    Ryzen & Threadripper completely destroy anything Intel has come up with recently.The only thing in Intel's favor so far is that there flagship CPUs have better single-core performance which is still important for the gamers. I even use some software that doesn't allocate multi cores and is reliant on a single core to do all the work.

    The management at Intel sucks big time. Just getting a new CEO isn't going to be enough. This company is similar to Boeing -- another monopolist with crappy management. Gelsinger is going to have clean house like the guy from GE did recently.
  9. thecoder


    AMD's market capitalization today reached even 81.5% of that of Intel when the stock price was at 141.22 (all-time-high! :))