Modern Daytrading vs Old School

Discussion in 'Trading' started by chasinfla, Apr 23, 2019.

  1. All,

    I've been away. Alot has changed since when I was in my heyday.

    Is it still doable, or is it 100% bs, instead of just 85%, like it was when I roamed the Street as my former self?

    ...meant to add a poll...
  2. these days its either bull or shit. Burnt a few times being a bear. still doable, but i don't have the mileage to comment concretely.
  3. lindq


    It's all decimal now. You'll enjoy it.
  4. No need for a sarc tag, mate. I get it.
  5. chasinfla,

    Yes, it is doable and it is not 100% BS. Traders are making money, you just have to take action.
  6. fmooneyt


    I also just returned. I see traders with many screens on their desk. Wall-street at every home.
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  7. MattZ

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    The younger crowd, self-thought programmers, and many trade via APIs directly.
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    it is unclear whether there is sarc. if you are a good trader you will adjust to narrower spreads. if not you will grumble how much easier it was in the good ole days.
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  9. comagnum


    Let's look at Amazon's avg price rage from the same time of year in 1999 & compare to present.

    Right chart: AMZN 5min 4-23-2019, Left chart: AMZN 5min 4-23-1999
    avg % chg 10 bars (orange) = 0.13% on both charts
    avg % chg 100 bars (gold) = 0.12% on both charts
    * no difference in avg intraday price range from 1999 to present

    Commisions are far less now than in 1999 - you be the judge if day trading is dead, I think it depends on the trader.

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  10. Turveyd


    It's doable, it's kinda hard, but not when you've got the solution to over come, which might take a decade or 2.

    Give it a try don't bet the house, the wife maybe, but not the house!!
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