Moderna twice as good as Pfizer

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    "A study of almost 2,500 workers at a major Belgium hospital system found antibody levels among individuals who hadn’t been infected with the coronavirus before getting two doses of the Moderna vaccine averaged 2,881 units per milliliter, compared with 1,108 units/mL in an equivalent group who got two jabs of the Pfizer shot."

    Moderna's vaccine is 100 microgram vs. Pfizer's 30 microgram, and its time between shots is 4 weeks vs, 3. (more is better)

    "Moderna’s vaccine was associated with a two-fold risk reduction against breakthrough SARS-CoV-2 infections compared to Pfizer’s in a review of people in the Mayo Clinic Health System in the U.S. from January to July. The results were reported in a separate study released ahead of publication and peer review on Aug. 9."


    I wonder about the antibodies' number if the first shot was 40 microgram, the second 60 with 6 weeks in between? Moderna has more side effects due to its bigger load. They should try to tweak it to more effective with less side effects...
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    Good to hear since I felt like I was dying after my 2nd shot of Moderna, and have now given up coffee completely as since the 2nd one even 1 cup, probably 8 ounces, gives me the shakes and my heart races.
    Maybe it was worth it. :))
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    LOL how is that worth it at all? Side effects sound horrible dude. Thank you for being the guinea pig if it weren't for people who took risks where would we be in this world?
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    If I were Pfizer, I would do an efficiency study with like 5-10 different groups with different doses and time intervallum. Then stick to the most efficient version and try to catch up to Moderna. If they could match Moderna up to 70-80%, that would be sufficient.

    Originally Pfizer's dosage was twice as much but accidentally they gave half and that was efficient too, so they stuck to the less version. We do know that the sweetspot for between the 2 shots is 8 weeks, so they just have to tinker with the dose. Although in countries not yet hit with Delta, a shorter intervallum is better for quick protection.

    On the other hand still a large part of the world not in the position to be picky about what they get.
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    Which one will you date ???

    Zombie Moderna


    Zombie Pfizer


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    I don't disagree. I was willing to be a guinea pig. Looking at how long it normally takes them to test a drug and how quick they put this one out to me there is no question I fall into the test group.
    My wife was on a drug for a lung condition for 2 years that was still in testing phase. All other treatment options didn't work, but this one seems to have cleared her problem. If it wasn't in it's testing phase I'm pretty sure we would have been tossing out around $10,000 a month after discounts based on pricing I looked up. It didn't fall in coverage for Aetna because of it's status. So far her only longer term side effect is hair loss, which hopefully will stop the further out she is from the last dose.
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    [Emphasis added]
    Exactly! You don't know what the future held/holds had you not taken it.
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    I'm annoyed about the coffee, but far from life altering. I'll let you know if the eye that started growing in the back of my head gets sight.
    I'm not actually worried, but if something else comes along I'll pass it on to the FDA and whoever else to make sure it is a known potential side effect.
    I did have a recent physical and all was good, labs and heart.
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    Odd about the coffee.

    I would probably isolate it to see whether it's the coffee, or the caffeine, or a particular brand of coffee, or coffee drank at a particular time, or after eating a particular food, etc.

    Haven't heard any other complaints about coffee/caffeine vs. the vaxxes online, but if I do, I'll post about it.
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    Rolling 7-day Average Cases/Deaths in Florida, as of 8/30:

    • 8/13---FL: 21.6K cases, 153 deaths
    • 8/25---FL: 21.6K cases, 228 deaths
    • 8/30---FL: 21.3K cases, 262 deaths
    They changed their reporting mode, again. Trying to fudge the numbers, but eventually, a dead voter is a dead voter. Looks like the cases may be plateauing there, the death numbers should be following in 2 weeks or so. Universities starting, football season is here, it should eventually burn through the whole population and die out slowly, probably by the end of September.
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