Moment of truth phobia

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by curiousGeorge8, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. I have always tried to avoid the moment of truth, and when I cannot avoid it, I will try to delay it as much as possible.

    For those who are/were in similar boat, how did you overcome the phobia?
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  2. loyek590


    The bumper sticker on my car says "Avoid Things"

    My motto is, "If you wait long enough someone will make up your mind for you." It's really quite a powerful feeling to know everybody is out there working really hard to make up your mind for you. It is such a bother and I am definately not DIY.

    It takes a while before you have the luxury of having enough money to pay somebody to make up your mind for you. When you are poor, it seems like every day you have to make some decision. It gets old really fast.

    I got over my phobia by going long ES
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  3. Big AAPL

    Big AAPL

    LOL This made me laugh. I am technically a perma-bear but there is no denying this assertation. Very well put Loyek.
  4. loyek590


    nothing wrong with being a perma-bear if that is your strategy. Just don't drink the kool aid and let it turn into a full blown mental illness.
  5. cornix


    The fear of truth means you already know the right answer to the question causing fear. That fear is your friend trying to help, not your enemy.
  6. There is only solution. Accept the truth as early as possible