Moving to Palm Desert, Calif.

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  1. Trade iron condors, short volatility, some special situations and arbs. Any Trading community out there?
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  2. Dude, fer fok sake, you gonna be 45 min away from Joshua Tree! Forget "Trading Community", smoke a joint and go rock climbing or mountain biking!
  3. Did that 40 years ago.
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  4. Woodrow97


    Best of luck, even if a state or the IRS offered me 0% cap/income tax rate to trade ICs, I would not take them up on that offer.
  5. Overnight


    Start one, like the Mormons did.

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  6. Guys, you lost me on the last two posts.
  7. jys78


    Isn't everyone moving out of California?
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  8. taowave


    Whats your beef with Iron Condors??

  9. SunTrader


    I imagine only trading out there in the desert is of little white balls with strange names printed on them like ProV1x, Mojo, Srixon, yada yada.
  10. Funny how Palm Beach is a trading hub while Palm Springs appears to be the antithesis. Maybe I should move to Vegas.
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