Mr. Stock ?

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  1. Quah


    Around 2000 and 2001 I traded options through a firm called "Mr. Stock".

    Does anyone have any idea if they still exist in some form or another? Were they bought out by someone?

    Thanks for any information.
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  3. They were bought out. Don't remember by who though.
  4. dont know about MrStock..

    but I do know the greatest trader that ever lived..............


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    Oh lord - Before I even posted I knew that Mr. Market would show up... :D
  6. Mr. Stock was bought out by JB OXford I believe....
  7. Quah


    I wonder if there is any chance of getting some old account information?
  8. How did they get that bear to put on sun glasses and hold a can a beer? :)
  9. Uhmmmm...They cleared thru National Financial who was bought out by North American Clearing in of them may have it.
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    one of my favortie posters is you always bring a smile to me face homey...

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