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  1. Fadip


    The minimum deposit is only 100$, plus the contract conditions are reasonable. I'm trading m.primium now, the execution is quite good, plus, the spread starts from 1 pip. They allow hedging, But the most important thing is that they withdraw profit fair and square.
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  3. Gimme a break
  4. fan27


    Why in the world would anybody waste their time opening a $100 trading account?
  5. Fadip


    I don't know where you have this information from. One can say anything. I trade on Mtrading and everything's fine with funds withdrawal. I don’t see the need to open an account of more than $1,000. It's just that it's "money earned by the sweat of one's brow" torn from the heart, and the result is unknown. Very few brokers have a minimum deposit like this. Probably there are more of them in the USA.
  6. Variss


    Is it possible to trade cryptocurrency on mtrading? How many crypto assets are there and what spreads do they have?
  7. Fadip


    This broker has 5 main cryptocurrencies. Some believe that it's not enough, but I'm quite satisfied. Different currencies have different spreads, but usually it's -2. The leverage is 1:2. All the conditions are mentioned in the contract specification. The broker complies with all the terms. I've never noticed any fiddling with the rate. I personally trade quite successfully.
  8. Xwell


    Brokers who use these platforms are really very profitable for trading.
  9. Thanag


    I agree that this platform is really very convenient and working with it is not simple and understandable enough.