Multi-Charts Multiple data source and Chart UI

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  1. Hi All,

    Hoping someone can answer this beginner question. How do I show the trades on the subchart which is not the subchart where they are generated?

    Two data feeds, Data1 and Data2 and corresponding Subchart 1 and Subchart 2.

    Orders are generated from Data 1 and on Subchart 1,
    Signals are generated from from Data 2 and Subchart 2.

    Goal is to hide subchart 1 and only look at subchart 2.

    Been trying to get it to work but it seems like it not possible which strange for what should be a standard scenario-configuration. e.g. Get a higher resolution (1 sec bar) trade entry, while using a lower resolution for signals (2 minute bar).
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  2. thecoder


    Which product are you talking of? (Or have I maybe overlooked something? :))

    Edit / Update:
    Ok, found it:

    Sorry, can't help, have no experience with it, nor do I have any Windows here anymore :)
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  3. Thanks for trying :D.. Yeah MultiCharts is such a generic name right? Maybe MarkB will respond, but in the meantime I found a work around. Many a pitfalls between Back Testing-Forward Testing and real time... :cool:
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  4. Assuming both Instruments are on the same chart, you can:

    1) Format Instrument/Settings under the Display SubChart property. Set SubChart1 to 'Hide';
    2) or, set the Format Instrument/Style, Chart Type property to Invisible bars.
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