My attempt to earn a funded account with Earn2Trade

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  1. Hello,

    I will be updating my journal detailing my attempt to earn a funded account with Earn2Trade.

    I will not mention the rough start to my journey - but will rather detail my ongoing experience.

    Stay tuned...
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  2. Baron

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    Good luck! I'm curious to see how this plays out for you. :thumbsup:
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  3. Good luck
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  4. Earn2Trade

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    We wish you the best! Please contact our customer support agents in the live chat if you need any assistance.
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  5. 12 hours have passed since I paid for my evaluation and still no login credentials

    Horrible....horrible. Did I mention? E2T has absolutely abysmally horrific customer support!!!

    Let's see what their corporate ethics are.....

    Stay tuned.

    Update: 735AM--Andrea from customer support sent my details after more than 12 hours

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  6. cafeole


    I have done their challenge twice now and it always takes a little time to set up. I have never had a problem with their customer service. They have always been very responsive.
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  7. fan27

    fan27 need to take a chill pill. They likely don't have the on-boarding process completely automated, hence the delay. Bashing a company on a public forum should be the last resort if you can't get things worked out.
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  8. I totally agree that bashing a company on a public forum should be the last resort but in the "pay to play" prop firm industry, if you do not have an automated system for sending user login credentials BEFORE a 12-hour window -- then you have no business doing business.

    Not sure how familiar you are with these types of companies but waiting 12 hours for a user login credential is unacceptable.

    It was an objective criticism - one that prospective traders "should" and "need" to be aware of since it might indicate (as you so wisely mentioned) that their technology is not up to par. If they can't send out login data within a 1-hour window then that is a red flag.

    As I mentioned, I will also provide feedback on their corporate ethics as time goes on.

    I hope to be writing good things about Earn2Trade since I do think they have some real advantages over some of their competitors. Time will tell.
  9. Earn2Trade-Ryan

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    Hi! We are sorry that this has been your experience. Please note that account creation is generally speaking instantaneous, unless you sign up a second time with a different email address, or the market is closed.

    If you change your email address between two signups, we need to manually set up the account to make sure that we don't create a second Rithmic user to the same person. Unfortunately we can only do this when the office is open. If you'd like to prevent this delay in the future, please contact our support and have them terminate one of your duplicate accounts so the system will no longer see that you have multiple accounts.

    If the market is closed, Rithmic can not create your user and your accounts.

    Regardless of which happened in your case, I hope that as you move further into the evaluation, your experience will be better.
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  10. Thank you, Ryan. Any company that responds so swiftly (as you did) to a customer complaint is a good sign.

    I have read a lot of your posts to others on this forum and was really impressed which is one of the main reasons I decided to do the evaluation.

    Thank you again.
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