My covid, parent dying, and getting back into trading (eventually).

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    This actually seems to me like it's a bit selfish and callous to be thinking about my trading right now, but dad is resting, and I need to temporarily get my mind off of shit.

    The minister left about a half hour ago after saying a prayer for him, and after all of us said the lords prayer. Needless to say, there was a lot of crying, especially when he was saying goodbye to everyone. He's really gone downhill over the last week or so, and he knows the inevitable is coming soon. He's in a lot of pain, so we've been giving him lots of meds per hospice instructions. Cancer fucking sucks.

    I first tested positive for covid mid June, and I was in the ER (2nd time since the positive test) on July 8th still feeling like hell, got an IV and tested positive again. Dr. said it was most likely the BA-5 Omicron variant. He said I'll be fine, but when I get better, I'll still feel like crap for quite some time. He wasn't kidding. I finally tested negative July 18th after having a horrible time of it.

    I feel much better, but far from 100%. I'm tired all day every day. And knowing my dad is leaving us soon just adds to the emotional and physical drain.

    I guess my point is that I've been trading for 26 years, and I absolutely love it, I've done very well, and I can't imagine myself doing anything else.

    But I have absolutely no desire to trade. I haven't traded since a couple of days after my first positive test when I really started to feel like crap. And when I started feeling better, dad really started to get bad. My mind is so far from being able to trade, and I don't know when it will be.

    I know everyone handles these things differently, but I'm seriously thinking of just taking the rest of the year off. I can't help but think of the holiday season and how much it's going to suck without dad. But I'm also wondering how long it will be before I say "Screw it. I want to trade."

    There's not really a question here, but any thoughts and comments about how you've dealt with similar situations would be appreciated.

  2. You should move to a new city/state....start a new life somewhere else -- be Reborn,
    And get a Siamese cat,
    Life is a dynamic entity, it's made to move and evolve and revolve,
    Being in one place for too long, in one style, can seriously rob your mind, personality, and soul of life and positive energies,
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    I've always felt like it's best to do what you want and not push it. I love trading as well and since it's such a positive thing in my life I've never wanted to force myself to do it when my head/heart just wasn't feeling it.

    Having gone through stretches like you are experiencing now, my best advice is to wait until the urge comes back and you feel good about stepping back in. It WILL come back. And you'll know when it's time.
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  4. Sorry to hear about you and your dad. You shouldn't feel bad about taking time off from trading / the markets, and it's probably best given your current state and what you're going through with your dad. Don't put a timetable on it -- just take one day at a time. And when you're feeling up for it, take it slow and trade small. But I can't over-emphasize just being present and focus on each day. And then the next. If you start looking to the future right now, it will probably just cause a lot more anxiety, etc. I know when I have gone thru some tough times if I can focus on each day -- then I get to the end of the day -- and I'm grateful for making it through. And that helps me press on.
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    What works for me (I have cancer but not debilitating) is each day attempt to get some preferably outdoor exercise like constant walking for 30 minutes.
    I trade at home all day every day, and getting the blood flowing via exercise really perks me up mentally and physically.
    There can be obstacles to this like finding time, climate too hot or cold and having a park or nice environment for walking.
    I also have a couple of bikes plus some dumbbells.
    I find having an excuse for a walk helps, walk to cafe or shops rather than drive.
    After a walk my mind seems fresher and it breaks the day up making it more interesting.
    I find it easier to concentrate after exercise and seems to help with finding new ideas.
    However, all my life I've been a walker, not one of those nutter walkers, but on holidays I find walking is a good way to explore, and in my younger days loved being in the bush with a rifle. (New Zealand) :)
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    Sorry to hear about the troubles.
    If you've been vaccinated and still not recovering well, I'd recommend avoiding more boosters and Paxlovid. Doctors have had good success with early treatment using a mix of other pills/vitamins. These pills have been used for decades. Our government leaders/agencies have needlessly killed many people IMO but I don't want to debate it as it's too controversial.
    Here's an article with the early treatments being used with good success.

    Here's a thread where I've posted more about the vaccines. Some will strongly disagree and you may as well but if health is important, try getting opinions from doctors/physicians/virologists NOT working for a government agency.
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  7. I find myself agreeing with @MacBookProHo. The best way to shake out of a funk is to move somewhere else and get involved in something that keeps you busy every day. New job is an easy way to do this.
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    Sorry to hear about you and your family's Corona Virus problems. There are a lot of lies and disinformation out there on the vaccines and the efficacy of it. Remember, Fauci and big Pharma were boasting 95% effectivity for Moderna and 94% for Pfizer. Remember that? Now, it is in the 40% and dropping. Also, told not to wear masks by Fauci only, to reverse and said he lied? Now, they promote boosters and multiple boosters (again efficacy for boosters is dropping), even for children as young as 5 years of age? It is your life and if you feel you have to take all these vaccine shots, go right ahead. I have friends and relatives who are fully boosted but, has suffered Corona Virus multiple times. It is your life and that of your loved ones to choose what works for you. Now, what do we know about Corona Virus? From Israeli doctors, our bodies immune system is 13 times more effective against Corona Virus than any vaccine. Ivermectin, despite, the numerous lies has been proved effective in treating Corona Virus. However, its widespread use is still being suppressed in the US. From numerous doctors, their finding that Corona Virus hits people with vitamin D3 deficiency. They recommend zinc gluconate, vitamin C and Vitamin D3 to enhance your body's natural immune system. Get a pulse oximeter too, advice from a doctor. A reading of 95-100 is normal. If it drops to 80 or lower, you may have Corona Virus because oxygen in your body is so low. Oh, if you get a low reading, get multiple readings to make sure.
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  9. I'd force myself to sim trade. Before you know it you are a fish in the water. BUT emotional pain erases results. You decide if time is right.
    Sorry to hear about your pa, much strength.
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    Rams Fan

    I have no advice to give. I wish I did. You're strike me as a good person, and as such you'll come out fine. It will take some time, however probably not near as much as you might think. All the best to you and your recovery and may your father have relief from his pain before he moves on.
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